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Forklifts provides the best subsidized interest rates available in our industry. 
Now is an ideal time to lease new or used equipment due to
historically low rates.

Leasing provides an additional line of credit to our customers;
utilizing their operating lines for products they sell.

Types of Leases:

Capital Lease: $1.00 Option
Customer (Lessee) owns at end of term; capital asset on customer books depreciates typically a 5 to 8 year schedule.

Operating Lease: FMV/Residual
Customer (Lessee) has no ownership, write off monthly payment as operating expense.

Long Term Rental Full Maintenance (FMV with Maintenance)
Customer (Lessee) has no ownership, write off monthly payment as operating expense. Maintenance added to FMV payment each month; Full Maintenance Rates include all planned and breakdown repairs.
Rates do not include tires, forks, lights, seats, batteries, chargers, attachments, and damage due to misuse or abuse.

Short Term Rental
Customer (Lessee) has no ownership, write off payment as operating expense; available for daily, weekly, monthly terms. All maintenance included in monthly rate.

Rental Purchase Transaction – RENT to OWN
Customer (Lessee) has purchase option thru term of agreement based on Forklifts schedule. Customer is responsible for all maintenance.

All Leases Require Customer Site Survey
Lease rates and terms are tailored to your operation, based on an in-plant survey of your operation. Replacement is planned and automatically triggered when equipment reaches the end of its optimum service life. Available for terms of one or more years, Fair Market Value Leases or Fixed Option Leases are available, Competitive Conditional Sales Contract financing available, and leases are available with or without maintenance.

(Either Phone Number or Email Address is required.)

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