reconditioning process


When restoring a used forklift back to safe and strong operating condition, our factory trained service technicians put each machine through a comprehensive evaluation of the forklifts current state. From there, our technicians and advisors can determine the necessary repairs needed to restore used equipment back to peak operating condition. This evaluation includes a full carriage to counterweight overview, checking all safety features as well as essential operating components, allowing us to uncover all items inside and out to ensure a safe, strong, reconditioned forklift.


Industrial Batteries

All used industrial batteries are put through a preliminary evaluation to determine the life cycle of the unit. This evaluation includes, safety inspection, initial readings, equalize charge, and a 3-hour load test. Upon completion of the preliminary evaluation, the battery is neutralized and washed with water levels adjusted. We ensure that all reconditioned electric forklifts have a safe and reliable battery.

Inspection Includes but is not limited to:

Safety Items

Safety Lights, Horn, Backup Alarm, Seatbelt, Mirrors, Safety Decals, Overhead Guard, Load Backrest, Tires, Brakes, Park Brake, Etc.


Hydraulic Hoses, Hydraulic Cylinders, Engine, Transmission, Differential, Chains, Rollers, Tilt Racking, Side Shift, Starting, Fwd/Rev, Raise/Lower, Brakes, Etc.


Coolant, Oil Pressure, Fuel System, Hydraulic Fluid, Battery Fluid, Brake Fluid, Engine oil, Transmission Fluid, Drive Axle Fluid, Etc.